Captain Dominic Addario

Biographical SketchCaptain Dominic Addario

Educator turned sea captain, is now documenting a King's Shipladen with Treasures he discovered, having foundered off the coast of Florida in 1660. Captain Dom is a published author and was featured in American Way Magazine and  is often written about, around the world.

Rolex selected his project "The Jupiter Historic Shipwreck Expedition", for inclusion in its publication, "The Spirit of Enterprise"- 1991.  Captain Dom was inducted into, The Explorers Club of New York, founded in 1905; to promote exploration and to "break down the barriers of the unknown."

Captain Dom has been featured on The Discovery Channel. He has been introduced at the National Speakers Association Annual Meeting as a unique Special Interest Presenter.  He has conducted speaking engagements both on board numerous cruise ships and on land for countless presentations.   As a preeminent specialist in his field, he speaks to Educational Institutions, Public Library Systems, Public Schools, Ocean Engineering Departments and other Universities as a visiting Lecturer & other noted Maritime Centers.                         

Captain Dom brings interesting antidotes surrounding undersea exploration of the vessels that plied the Spanish Main - entertaining cruising guests in an interactive style; while educating them of the destinations they too may soon be exploring.   His multi-media presentation approach engages the cruising guests in discussions about the paths of the original explorers and interesting demographics of the old and new world expansion.  Undersea archeological techniques are revealed and governing rules of the seas made understandable. 

Read what Dominic Addario as to say about the  Jupiter Shipwreck, by purchasing "Diving for Sunken Treasure". Proceeds go toward the Jupiter Shipwreck Recovery Project.

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John Thomson


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A true account of the professional flying life of John Drake Thomson.
John first took flight at the age of 14. He has accumulated over 15,000 hours of flight time in helicopters and airplanes as Pilot, Instructor, Examiner, and Maintenance Test Pilot. John will take you through the jungles of Vietnam, the mountains of Europe and Iran to his last flight in South Africa doing the highest Bungy Jump in the world.

Soar with John on a journey through his exciting life of flying!

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Terry L. Howard and Donald E. Root


Biographical Sketch

Terry L. Howard is the author of Great Kingfish Captains of Fort Pierce, Florida, Tell Their Stories, and High Seas Wranglers, (published by University Press of Florida). He is a retired Florida public school teacher and has been a long time Florida commercial fishing captain. He is also a docent for Saint Lucie County Regional History Center and member of the Saint Lucie County Historical Society.

Terry L. Howard
Fort Pierce, Florida

Donald E Root is a true native of Fort Pierce, Florida.
He was born in 1940 and grew up on the fish docks and in his father’s boat.
He has been involved in commercial fishing all of his life. He joined the Navy in 1958 at the age of 17 and is now retired from the NCR corporation after 37 years as a large computer systems technician. Now he is telling the story of “Fishing at the Cape” from long ago when fishermen were rugged and endured many hardships.

Donald E Root
Fort Pierce, Florida



Jordan Bernstein


Biographical Sketch

Jordan Bernstein has a strong Hebrew and Jewish background. He graduated in the second graduating class of Solomon Schechter Day School in Woodmere, NY.

He is retired, and resides in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

This book was written for his grandchildren, so that they would understand the Jewish Religion.

It benefits children, and can be used in a reform or conservative synagogue, as a textbook, gift from the grandparent to child, or simply pleasure reading.


“I was very impressed with the art, the layout and the choice of language that is used. Indeed it can be used very effectively as a tool in teaching the early Bible story. I think small children will enjoy it very much.”
—Hyman Fishman, Rabbi Emeritus of Temple Beth E

"Faith can be sometimes difficult to fully understand. "The Bible According to Grandpa" is a study of Jewish faith and religion as author and grandfather Jordan Bernstein attempts to explain the many Biblical concepts to young readers. Insightful, "The Bible According to Grandpa" is a fine addition to Judaic studies collections for youths."
Willis M. Buhle Reviewer - Reviewer's Bookwatch


Yvonne Addario

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Yvonne comes from the land of baseball (Cooperstown, New York) and resides in Jupiter, Florida.

Being a world traveler, undersea explorer, and part owner of a treasure ship that is still being recovered today,she writes about a popular niche of history. Her readers always long to hear more of “the golden age of piracy,” but from the past tothe present. Through her past culinary experience as a prep cook, she has entertained patrons and guests aboard her and her husband Captain Dominic Addario’s research vessels.

She studied to be an art educator and athletic coach, and earned an Associates Degree in Fine Arts and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Visual Arts from the University of New Paltz, NY.

Yvonne Addario is a member of the P.A.D.I. Diving SocietySunken Treasure Literature ClubPalm Beach County Writer's Group, Independent Book Publishers Association, Florida's Publisher's Association, Independent Book Publishing Professionals Group, Food Fanatics and an accomplished writer for her books on undersea adventures. She is also a director of a computer graphics and web design company One site example she has created and is related to her field of experience is  In turn, her talents turned to publishing and helping unknown authors discover their dream of self publishing become a reality.

She has published Diving for Sunken Treasure: Excerpts from the Jupiter Wreck Trilogy for the cruise-ship industry, where her husband and she are invited as “Enrichment Speakers” aboard Royal Caribbean, Celebrity and Regency cruise lines. As well as publishing her husbands book, The Ronin’s Guide to Responsible Undersea Exploration which is due to release, fall 2009.

She has written and published Treasure Diving with Captain Domand it is available through  Barnes and Noble, many independent book/nautical sellers and libraries across the United Sates. She also writes about her shipwreck for newsletters, Web-based businesses, mailings, and newspaper and magazine articles.

Just released is the Explorers Cookbook and Travel Guide - Pirates Edition . The title of this book is self explanatory - traveling in the footsteps of the early explorers of the Caribbean. She writes about fabulous destinations, with an added bonus of including fascinating folklore and the exciting entertaining foods that have derived from the past. Included are recipes and travel tips. This is book is growing in popularity and can be found not only in the United States, but also in airports, and retail shops throughout the Caribbean, including Puerto Rico, St Marrten and the Virgin Islands.

Ms. Addario is a finalist in the 2012 Next Generation Indie Book Awards for her book entitled, Explorers Cookbook and Travel Guide- Pirates Edition. The Next Generation Indie Book Awards is the largest Not-for-Profit book awards program for indie authors and independent publishers. It recognizes and honors the most exceptional independently published books in 60 different categories, for the year, and is presented by Independent Book Publishing Professionals Group ( in cooperation with Marilyn Allen of Allen O'Shea Literary Agency. In addition, she was awarded by the Florida Publishing Association, the Presidents Awards - 2012 Silver Medalist - Coffee Table Book Category. The association recognizes book publishing excellence and creativity in both content and production.

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