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Captain Dominic Addario - Undersea Explorer / Principal Investigator of the Jupiter Historic Ship Wreck Exploration. 

He has been featured in National and International Magazines as well as National Television in the following programs; THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL'S "NEXT STEP" HARD COPY," "INSIDE EDITION," "FIRST DAY," "A SOUTH FLORIDA PORTRAIT," "EYE ON SOUTH FLORIDA," "THE FOX CHANNEL NEWS NETWORK," "CNN." and numerous international periodicals. Captain Addario is also a guest speaker on cruise ships around the world. If you would like for him to speak at your next engagement send an e-mail to:

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The 1990 Rolex Awards writes . . . .

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Sunken Ship's Treasure
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Lost Treasure Magazine 
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New book explains whether rule of ‘finders keepers’ applies undersea

Just how does the rule of “finders keepers” apply if an undersea explorer discovers unexpected treasures or historic artifacts?

Nov. 4, 2010 - PRLog -- Just how does the rule of “finders keepers” apply if an undersea explorer discovers unexpected treasures or historic artifacts? A new book by an experienced history educator turned sea captain outlines in practical language the underwater exploration trade along with the historical preservation obligations as well as the professional, ethical, and economic consequences involved when investigating such an event. The book, A Guide to Responsible Undersea Exploration, written by Captain Dominic Addario, has just been released by Adventure in Discovery Publishing.

Addario, a U.S. Coast Guard licensed master merchant marine officer and the original principal investigator of the underwater exploration and salvage team of Jupiter Wreck, Inc. and president of the Jupiter Coins salvage team in Jupiter Florida, synthesizes more than two decades of experience in underwater exploration in his latest work. A frequent speaker for the cruise industry’s enrichment and educational programs, he also is the author of Diving for Sunken Treasure – Excerpts from the Jupiter Wreck Trilogy.

“Good fortune, karma, happenstance or blind luck often leads almost anyone to stumble across a thing of interest and or value,” Addario says. “The next steps that you take may chart the very course of your future.” 

Concerning the latest book, John Chatterton, a professional diver featured in the book Shadow Divers, says Addario “discusses the techniques and science he has personally used to successfully document wreck sites and preserve artifacts. At the same time, he also addresses modern issues like responsibility, conservation, the law, and ethics. With all the pictures of coins and artifacts, divers will find this book inspiring.”

The book (ISBN: 978-0-9743414-2-2) is available at bookstores, dive/nautical shops, and local libraries. Call the Book Order Hotline at: 561-339-6923 or fax to: 561-828-3355 (media review copies), or go on line at: A media kit and photos are available on request.

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