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About Us

20 years in the business. We are selective. We specialize in private and self-publishing of personal histories and other custom-published literary works helping our discriminating clients tell their stories, and turning those stories into beautifully written, edited, designed, and bound books that become instant heirlooms. read more


We are accepting writers now.Sumit your inquiry, and follow the next steps in getting your story published.

Our Books

Our types of books range from, autobiographies, how to books, memoirs, life experiences, cookbooks, poetry books, see more.


Our authors include grandparents, entrepreneurs, professionals and retires of all ages.We are proud to represent authors in a variety of genres and interests from all around the world. From romance to middle grade, suspense to parenting, science fiction to cozy mystery and everything in between our authors represent some of the best in the business and regularly make us proud with their successes and accomplishments.  You can discover more about who Adventure in Discovery represents by exploring the genres they write in. You can learn more about our authors who are selling their books or simply going to our book store to see all authors. Meet the authors.


Great Gift: Preserving Your Family's History

Writing a memoir can be one of the most enjoyable achievements in life. It’s an opportunity to share vivid memories, challenges you’ve overcome, funny stories, and life lessons. If you're interested in self-publishing your family history book, we can print any number of copies for you, from one to hundreds of copies. If you need help with typesetting, layout, design, or a professional book cover, we also provide these services.  If you haven’t started writing yet, a great way to begin is with an outline. Write up a table of contents to guide you. Then break up each chapter into a few sections. Think of your book in terms of its beginning, middle, and end. Write what comes to mind, then review and rewrite until you’re satisfied with your work enough to put it into print. Many writers are not interested in selling their stories or books and prefer not to have them professionally edited. It is important to them to have their work read through their own voice. We understand this and are willing to help.  Other writers want to hire an editor to help them polish their memoir before publishing it. We can refer you to experienced editors who charge reasonable rates. Please note that we do not publish books to be sold without professional editing. Telling your life story is fun and provides family members and friends with an unforgettable gift to last a lifetime.

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